GoPlots is a premium digital platform providing real estate services, founded by Mr. Mukesh Charbhe who has been persevering the legacy that is three decades old. With this leviathan experience, GoPlots has witnessed the multitude of obstacles and technical glitches confronted by buyers and developers in the real estate sector.



Our team envisages to provide a secure substratum ensuring a authenticated legal title and certification,  fair value evaluation, proportionate Return on Investment and time-bound project delivery assessment. As a thumb rule, Return on Investment has augmented 10 times in a span of last 10 years, we assure its implementation in business likewise.

With the rapidly burgeoning economic and industrial growth seen in a mosaic fashion today, cities seemingly are transforming into giant hubs of commerce, pollution and something that is way far from the serenity that we all need in life.


The Vision of GoPlots is to bridge the gap between the Users and the Property to enable people live their dream-life.

We endeavour to escape the grip of this mechanical chaos that muffles the so called beauty of the last remaining green patches in urban, melancholically scattered here and there, preserved in an attempt to appreciate superficially the grants of brownfield urbanisation.

One is bound to be in a persistent search for an opportunity to live in the arms of tranquil natural bounty that soothes body, mind and soul.

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