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OUR STORY aims to provide users with access to verified real estate projects, legal and technical assistance, fair price evaluations, and opportunities to generate ROI through holiday rentals. Their focus is on helping users make informed decisions and maximize their returns in the real estate market.  As a plot developer, it can be challenging to build trust, reach potential customers, and position your project correctly. On the other hand, buyers may struggle with determining the right return on investment, verifying the legal title and certificate authentication, and addressing security concerns such as encroachment.
That's where GoPlots comes in. We bridge the gap between plot developers and buyers by leveraging technology to identify the right projects for our buyers.

  1. Easy Access to Real Estate Projects: aims to make it easier for users to access real estate projects, helping them find potential investment opportunities more conveniently.

  2. Ensure Good Appreciation: The platform's objective is to assist users in identifying properties that have the potential for good appreciation over time. This means selecting properties that are likely to increase in value.

  3. Better Return on Investment (ROI): focuses on helping users achieve a better return on their real estate investments. This might involve selecting projects that offer higher returns compared to traditional investment options.




VERIFIED PROJECTS provides users with access to verified real estate projects. This ensures that the projects listed on the platform meet certain standards and have been authenticated, reducing the risk of fraudulent or questionable projects.



Goplots offers legal and technical assistance to users. This could involve helping users navigate the legal aspects of real estate transactions and providing technical advice on property-related matters. Consultation assistance might include guiding users towards projects with better ROI potential.


FAIR PRICE EVALUATION conducts fair price evaluations for properties. This service helps users understand the market value of properties they're interested in, ensuring that they make informed decisions.



The platform emphasizes the importance of time-bound projects. This likely means that they focus on properties that are expected to be completed within a certain timeframe, reducing the risk of delays and uncertainties.


BUILDING ROI THROUGH HOLIDAY RENTALS seems to promote the idea of generating return on investment through holiday rentals. This could involve selecting properties that have potential for generating income through short-term rentals to tourists.


"Plot Your Wealth": The platform's professional motto reflects its commitment to helping users build wealth through strategic real estate investments. It implies that by making informed choices and selecting the right plots or properties, users can grow their wealth over time.


Our Projects



Experience serene mornings by a picturesque lake with 'By The Lake' from N.A. Bungalow Plots near Pune—perfect for getaways and investments.

Explore an eco-friendly retreat near Pune with charming Little Swiss Chalet residences, offering a comfortable 2 BHK stay, managed by Eco Inn. Swiss chalets offer dreamy living and an impressive 8% ROI through property income. Introducing the Ultimate 2BHK Luxurious Chalet, Little Swiss by GoPlots, where elegance meets comfort.

Discover lavish living with GoPlots' designed Little Swiss Chalet Homes—2BHK residences blending modern design with rustic charm.

Key Features - 
  • Spacious Plots: Enjoy the luxury of space with a generous 3280 sqft plot, allowing you to create your private garden oasis right at your doorstep.

  • Private Swimming Pool: Dive into relaxation with your very own private swimming pool. This personal haven is your escape to unwind and rejuvenate in the comfort of your home.

  • Wooden Chalet Retreat: Immerse yourself in the warmth of a 900 sqft Wooden Chalet. Our homes bring together contemporary aesthetics and rustic elegance to create a truly unique living experience.

  • Smart Investment Choice: Make a savvy investment with a guaranteed 8% Return on Investment. Watch your wealth grow while indulging in opulent living.

  • All-Inclusive Package: Experience hassle-free ownership with a transparent, all-inclusive price of just 65 Lakhs. No hidden costs, just pure value.

  • Limited Availability: With only 18 units on offer, seize the opportunity to secure a life of luxury and financial prosperity.

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Row House number - 1, Sunflower Apartments, NIBM road, Pune, Maharashtra 411048.



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