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Selling your NA Plotting Projects, Simplified

Technology driven end to end sales and marketing solution for developers


Our Approach

Taking Your Business to
the Next Level

Success Based Fee

When you partner with GoPlots,
your project's branding to revenue is all taken care by
us and you only pay on success

Technology Driven Sales and Marketing

GoPlots leverages latest sales enablement and marketing automation tools to make an immediate impact on your topline

Brand Investment

GoPlots helps developers gain credibility and trust in the plotting market by sharing its brand value with them

We’re Good with Numbers


Years of Experience


Crore worth of inventory sold




Leads genrated



GoPlots - A Proptech Platform for Plotting Projects

Welcome to GoPlots, a branded plots marketplace that connects plot developers and buyers, founded by Mr. Mukesh Charbhe, who has more than 30 years of experience in the industry.

As a plot developer, it can be challenging to build trust, reach potential customers, and position your project correctly. On the other hand, buyers may struggle with determining the right return on investment, verifying the legal title and certificate authentication, and addressing security concerns such as encroachment.

That's where GoPlots comes in. We bridge the gap between plot developers and buyers by leveraging technology to identify the right projects for our buyers. Our proprietary algorithms scan 35 unique data points, including price trends, plot layouts, accessibility, and end use, to determine if a plotting project fits our criteria.

All GoPlots projects offer a consistent value proposition for buyers: a high ROI, clear and marketable title, and physical security. We invest in these projects and drive a high velocity outreach to prospective buyers.

At the heart of GoPlots, we want to help people find green spaces in urban areas, as cities are becoming increasingly busy and polluted. It can be difficult to find peaceful and green places to live, and we believe in preserving these spaces for the benefit of all.


If you're a plot developer looking to connect with potential buyers or a buyer searching for the right plotting project, GoPlots is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.





Let’s Work Together

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